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Rajan N. Shah, M.Sc., Ph.D          GlyChem Consulting Corporation - Canada, US, & India


The major focus of GlyChem Consulting is in helping Western pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies establish key relationships in the developing world, especially India, as well as maintaining, reviewing, and optimizing existing relationships. This focus is based on GlyChem's firm belief that, for all parties, the outcomes from these relationships can be more than the sum of the parts.  This belief is bolstered by 30+ years experience in Western and Indian companies working in applied chemistry, biotechnology, industrial chemistry and management of industrial projects. This experience gives GlyChem Consulting a unique perspective and a key set of tools to forge and maintain international drug discovery and development relationships.


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Tel:      (647) 343-7954 [Toronto]

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Yibin Xiang, Ph.D.                      Independent Consultant - North America & Asia


I am currently seeking new challenges to assist organizations/companies in meeting their objectives around new drug discovery and development. I am flexible and can provide services either on a long-term or  short term basis for any sized organization and in multiple working environments, from global pharmaceutical companies to startup biotech companies.


In the past 24 years, I have pursued new drug discovery and development while working in major pharmaceutical (as well as small to mid-size biotech companies) both at the bench and as a manager. As a result, I am well-versed in providing scientific direction, planning, and management for teams of research scientists as well as coordinating scientists/managers from different disciplines (such as medicinal chemistry, biology, pharmacology, toxicology, structural biology, DMPK). I have extensive patent experience, having written and filed a number of patent applications in the U.S. and worldwide. I also have experience with in-licensing activities, including due diligence to investigate scientific virtue, IP, and business prospects. I have gained international working experience, traveling extensively worldwide and working for companies in different continents.


Most recently, I served as Sr. Director/Distinguished Research Fellow at Genzyme where I lead a team of internal medicinal chemists as well as managed over 20 chemists at CROs overseas.  The projects involved novel drug discovery for oncology and renal diseases, employing target-based approaches. Prior to my  engagement at Genzyme, I worked in the area of immune-mediated disease (e.g. asthma, transplantation, RA), as well as anti-bacterial and anti-viral drug discovery. I also have experience with early startup biotech companies. For example, I was involved in fundraising  (presentations and discussions with potential investors) for a second round of funding for TaiGen Biotech, which brought over $34M into the company.


A highlight of my career in drug discovery and development is the identification of an anti-asthma drug, the leukotriene D4 antagonist montelukast (Singulair). Singulair is currently a top-selling drug (Merck) with annual sale over $5B worldwide reported in 2010.  Working in small and mid-size biotech companies, I have lead the research teams for various projects that identified a number of drug candidates. In 2 such projects, discovered compounds advanced into phase 2 clinical trials.


I am US citizen born in Shanghai, China, and can fluently speak both English and Chinese. I received a Ph.D. in Science at the ETH (Zurich, Switzerland) and post-doctoral training in organic chemistry at Harvard University.  I am a co-inventor of 37 US or world-wide patents, and co-author of 24 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals.



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Tel:      (978) 621-0622




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